Storage Buildings

    You can customize your building adding optional features, paint color, and roofing styles. We provide the optional features here along with our standard paint colors and roofing options. We do however offer complete customization on odd sizes, paint colors, and roofing options.
Paint Options (Trim & Wall)

Shingle Options
Metal Roofing Options


Our Econo building offers the same quality as the rest of the buildings, but with just a few cost saving changes to make it more economical. A few of those changes include a 6 ft stud instead of  7 ft, like on our A-Frame model. It also has a 2×4 treated floor joist instead of 2×6, with the option of upgrading to 2×6.



The Manor makes you building seem to be an extension of the home. With the decorative facing and custom coloring of the manor, it is sure to blend into your home as if it has always been a part of your home. The manor makes a great pool house for the children, a work shed, or just for storage building for your decorations.

Mini Barn

Mini Barns can add the feeling of being at the farm in your back yard. Offering great storage space with a farm feel the Mini Barn can add value to your back yard.

This high-quality building offers a 16 inch center, 2×6 treated floor joist, and 5-4×4 treated runners. Our A-Frame, like our other buildings, has plenty of roof braces for a strong roof that’s guaranteed to last.


The Quaker adds style to your back yard. With a unique look, the Quaker can easily be made into a permanent feature of your yard. This outdoor building is great for a pool house, or a lawn equipment and tool shed.

Horse Barn

With a portable Horse barn it can move with the horses from pasture to pasture. Why build a barn for each pasture when you can save money by having your barn portable? It’s an easy decision to make.

High Barn Our High Barn has the same features as our other buildings, but offers the old farm look. It also has a higher roof, which allows for more loft storage space.