Metal Roofing

    Even though metal roofing had once been replaced by cheaper and less durable asphalt shingles, it has came full circle to become the #1 choice by home owners & commercial builders. Metal roofing has many benefits that the standard asphalt shingle roofing just can not compete with.

    Over the past 20 years, technology and innovation have improved the metal roofing industry, allowing it to have a life span that will likely out last your foundation.

    Our metal roofing is made out of Galvalume Coated Steel Substrate,
virtually eliminating rust and corrosion. Not only is metal roofing tough, holding up to any weather Mother Nature can throw at it but it is also very energy efficient, saving you up to 40% on cooling cost and reducing your impact on our environment for many generations to come.


    Old Forge Metals offers a wide variety of metal roofing options from exposed fastener, concealed fastener, all the way to the classic look of a metal shingle. Along with picking any one of the styles we offer, you are able to choose a unique color to match your desired look.

Available Colors

® :

    Available Colors for 29 Gauge:
 Arctic White, Black, Burgundy, Burnished Slate,
 Charcoal Gray, Clay, Cocoa Brown, Evergreen,
 Gallery Blue, Ivory, Light Stone, Patriot Red, Pearl Gray,
 Royal Blue, Sahara Tan, Terracotta Red, White
    Available Colors for 26 Gauge:
Arctic White, Burgundy, Burnished Slate, Charcoal,
 Gray, Cocoa Brown, Evergreen, Gallery Blue, Ivory,
 Light Stone, Marine Green, Patriot Red, Pearl Gray,
 Royal Blue, Sahara Tan, Terracotta Red, White

    Master-Rib metal roofing panel is an industry leader in strength and durability, this popular and versatile metal roofing panel features classic looks and is installed in a wide range of applications including residential, commercial, and post-frame buildings. Master-Rib metal roofing panels was designed with extra-wide ribs to increase strength and ease handling and installation. Another unique feature of the Master-Rib metal roofing panel is the extra-large siphoning channel on the under-lap rib installed to provide extra leak resistance in the presence of extreme wind and rain loads.


5V-Crimp :

    Available Colors for 29 Gauge:  

  Evergreen, Terracotta Red, White

    Available Colors for 26 Gauge:  
  Arctic White, Burnished Slate, Evergreen, Gallery Blue,
  Marine Green, Patriot Red, Sahara Tan

For generations, 5V metal roofing panels have been used on farm buildings and other rural metal roofing projects. Today, many homeowners have recognized that the timeless design of the 5V metal roof panel is ideal for residential metal roofs as well. Our 5V metal roofing panels are especially popular in Florida and other coastal areas where the durability of the 5V metal roofing panels are tested by the weather. The 5V metal roof panels are designed with an enhanced “U” over “V” profile to provide maximum leak resistance.


Designed for industrial, commercial, and steel-frame building applications, the “R” family of metal roofing panels has the strength to perform on roof pitches as low as 1:12 and on spans up to five feet. The R panels and IR metal roofing panels are designed for sidewall applications while the PBR metal roofing panel has an added purlin bearing leg to provide better support for roofing applications.

Standing Seam

    Available Colors:

Arctic White, Black, Burgundy, Burnished Slate, Charcoal Gray,
  Cocoa Brown, Copper Metallic, Evergreen, Gallery Blue,
  Light Stone, Patriot Red, Pearl Gray, Royal Blue,
  Sahara Tan, Terracotta Red.

Standing seam metal roofing panels have been used on traditional and contemporary homes for more than a century. Standing seam metal roofing panels are clean, graceful lines have been an enduring favorite on a wide range of architecture. The Advantage-Lok metal roofing panel is a premium standing seam metal roof panel that is designed for distinctive, high-end looks. Advantage-Lok standing seam metal roofing panels are popular in up-scale residential and commercial roofing applications. Advantage-Lok standing seam metal roofing panels snap securely together with completely concealed fasteners for maximum wind and weather resistance.

Stone Coated
  Metal Shingles
StoneShield metal roofing shingles are designed for homeowners who want the performance benefits of metal roofing and the traditional look of asphalt shingle roofs. Strong and lightweight, StoneShield stone coated metal roofing shingles install easily without battens and can be installed directly over existing asphalt shingles, saving tear-off costs and landfill waste.